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Abia State Map showing Locations, Positions and L.G.As.

Are you looking for Abia State Map or the administrative map of Abia State or Political map of Abia state or map of Abia state showing all the 17 local government areas (LGAs) or map of Abia state showing all the administrative units? Don’t allow anybody to deceive or confuse you. They all refer to one and the same thing. And if any of these is what you need, then you are in the right place.

Here is the administrative map of Abia State, Nigeria.

Mapsandresearch team also invest additional time and resources to provide supplementary and important facts that are considered basic about Abia State of Nigeria which will not only be useful and informative but instructive, educative and beneficial to you.

Abia State Map Positions

Abia State of Nigeria is spatially located between latitudes 4.815400O – 6.022651O North of Equator and between longitudes 4.974833O – 7.962045O East of Greenwich. Looking at this Political map of Abia State of Nigeria, you will notice that there are two insert maps in it.

The one at the top – right corner of this Abia State Map is the map of Nigeria in the context of African Continent while the one at the bottom – right is Abia State in the midst of other states in Nigeria. Again, in this administrative map of Abia State, it could easily be seen that Abia State is bordered in the North by Anambra State, Enugu State and Ebonyi State. In the East, Abia State is bounded by Cross River State.

Also, in the South, Abia State is surrounded by Akwa Ibom State and Rivers State while in the West by Imo State.

The capital of Abia State of Nigeria is Umuahia. Abia State is predominantly an Igbo speaking state in South – Eastern part of the country although English is the official language.

Abia State Map Showing Local Government Areas

Abia State Map showing Locations, Positions and L.G.As

However, in this Abia State Map, you will also observe that there are 17 administrative units otherwise referred to as Local Government Areas (LGAs) in this political map of Abia State. The 17 LGAs are clearly distinguished with different colours and include: Umu-Nneochi, Isiukwuato, Bende, Ohafia, Arochukwu, Umuahia North, Umuahia South and Ikwuano. Others are Isiala-Ngwa North,  Isiala-Ngwa South, Obio Ngwa, Aba North, Aba South, Osisioma Ngwa, Ugwunagbo, Ukwa East and Ukwa West. Maps of all the 17 LGAs in Abia State can also be viewed and downloaded from this site.

Abia State Population

According to the Office of the Surveyor General of the Federation as cited in National Population Commission (NPC, 2010), Abia State of Nigeria covers a total land area of about 4,902.24km2 and is one of the growing states in Nigeria in terms of population.

NPC which is an official government agency in charge of population matters also stated that, Abia State of Nigeria had a male population of 933,039 and a female population of 980,878 totalling 1,913,917 people in 1991.

In 2006, the number increased to 1,430,298, 1,415,082 and 2,845,380 for male, female and total respectively making it the 28th most populous state in Nigeria. As at 31st December, 2016, the projected population of Abia State at a national growth rate of 3.5 percent per annum stood at 2,035,217, 1,986,419 and 4,021,636 for male, female and total respectively (NPC, 2010).

Our professional team and experts have devoted time and resources to compile this Abia State Map for you.

Abia State Climate

Description of Abia State cannot be complete without mentioning the climate of the place. Thus, the mean annual rainfall vary between 1800mm to 2200mm while the mean annual temperature across the state range between 26 – 27OC.

However, mean annual maximum temperature is 30 – 32OC. The geology in the Southern part of Abia State is typically coastal plain sands while the tertiary sediments underlie the Northern part of the state.

Specific Abia State Map showing different weather and climate parameters as well as geology for academic and research purposes can be prepared on request.

Abia State of Nigeria is abundantly blessed with human and natural resources. The soil is generally ferrallitic in nature which is made up of deep porous brown soils on sandy materials. Parts of the North-West of Abia State comprise of reddish gravelly on shale.

Notable Industries in Abia State

Apart from this Abia State Map, the dominant vegetation in Abia State of Nigeria is mostly secondary forest while clay and kaolin are among the major solid minerals that can be tapped for commercial purpose. Notable industries in Abia State include ceramics, food and drinks, oil palm processing, engineering works, glass, soap and detergent as well as textile among others. Our team can produce on demand customize map of Abia state showing all these different themes.

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National Population Commission (NPC, 2010). Population Distribution by Sex, State, LGA & Senatorial District. Abuja, NPC.

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